Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental Music Tour, September 2019

Musica Dispersa.
Women in Experimental Music.
European Tour, Madrid,Paris,London


20/9 Specka,Madrid
22/9 Les Nautes,Paris
25/9 iKlectik Art Lab,London
26/9 The Glove That Fits,London
27/9 New River Studios,London
28/9 Espacio Naranjo,Madrid

Specka,Madrid 20.9
00h Ivana Ray Singh DJ
00,30h Jana Jan
01h Kristie DJ
02h Beatrix Weapons
02,45h Narcoleptica
03,30h Rayuli + Slvj
04,30h xname
05,15h Amas

Les Nautes,Paris 22.9
21h Leonie Roessler
21,45h Narcoleptica
22,30h Gael Segalen
23,15h Amas
00h Maia Koenig
00,45h Beatrix Weapons

iKlectik,London 25.9
20h Narcoleptica
20,30h Jana Jan
21h Lametafisica
21,30h Beatrix Weapons
22h Amas

The Glove That Fits,London 26.9
20h Lametafisica
20,30h Jana Jan
21h Leonie Roessler
21,30h Narcoleptica
22h Gael Segalen
22,30h Amas
23h Beatrix Weapons
23,30 Oliotronix
00h RRayen Maia Koenig

New River Studios,London 27.9
20h Leonie Roessler
20,30h Narcoleptica
21h Jana Jan
21,30h Gael Segalen
22h Amas
22,30 Marlo Eggplant
23h Beatrix Weapons
23,30 Lametafisica

Espacio Naranjo,Madrid 28.9
Andrea Ariza
Beatrix Weapons

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AMAS (Barcelona)

Amas are brave women who plunge into the dark depths of consciousness to bring us pearls of wisdom.
An experimental post-industrial duo, formed by Ivana Ray Singh and Maria Gatasanta, key figures of the Barcelonese underground scene and the founders of labels such as A Love Supreme, Màgia Roja and Shaddock among others.
His music is channeled by rhythm, sometimes minimal and lysergic, other crushing and hypnotic, guided by a voice that
invokes and banishes at will
On live they incorporate elements of ritual performance.


A.Y (London)
A.Y is a name project for the works of Afasia Yuri (Ondes Marinees Records) at
Musica Dispersa.
Sound Producer (with voice, body, poetry,lyrics,short visual arts.)
Using deep reverbed and delay, randb,hiphop,glitch drum and bass (beats)
Using my own voice,birds singing,Asian and African music instrument,
every parts would be transformed by using ableton live function.
style:experimental soundscape.downtempo,ambient


Beatrix Weapons (Murcia)
Beatrix Weapons is an individual project with a glimpse into the age and consumption of the internet. Immersed in the new sounds born in Soundcloud, Beatrix produces everything from the most raver to electronics to the darkest street beats. Ableton, raw letters and virtual power are his weapons.
As DJ she doesn’t play less than 180 BPM

Gael Segalen (Paris)
French sound artist, activist and musician Gaël Segalen has been a genuine explorer of sound for more than 20 years. Besides her record label accreditations on Erratum Musical (France), Frm-at (UK), Firecracker Recordings (UK) and Coherent States (Greece), and her diploma in electroacoustic composition in the lineage of the GRM, she has worked for Radio France Internationale, as a sound mixer for film, as a educator using sound as a social tool, while jumping onto multimedia collaborations and many sound art psychogeographical projects as a free form of anthropology and geology under the name of IhearU.
Focused on polylistening, dissonance and new music, she transposes the complexity of the world into what has been defined as ‘DFR’ (Danceable Field Recording) compositions.
She is also co-founder of Polyphones, a Parisian network dedicated to women in musical experimentation, and OWO, the electronic Open Women Orchestra.



Jana Jan (Bilbao)
Itziar Markiegui, Sound plasticity, improvisation and saturated atmospheres generated to share the desconstruction and mixing of field, error, texture, body, and core recordings. Exploration in the creation and manipulation of the sound, decontextualization of diverse field recordings, through improvisation and the creative use of recording errors, accidents, and the body as an active instrument generator.
Noisy plastic/improviser, a component of Baba-Llaga, Mental Anorexia, SEXtoD and by herself as Jana Jan y TetaFX

pic by Frederic Navarro

Kristie DJ (Madrid)
An intimate vision of music derived from different styles over the time, until she connect with electronic music being a source of inspiration, action and growth diving between Techno, Electro, Acid and Disco sounds.
She is also part of the DJ duo Horror Vacui and a usual DJ at the Musica Dispersa Club events.


From Italy she is one of great noise artists of the new era, a extreme harsh noise wall, aesthetics and a kind of conexion with other dimensions through noise.
Visuals,unicorns and white and pink noise
She is also into performance/noise/actionsand had been played at the Miami Noise Conference


Leonie Roessler (Den Haag)
Sound/Installation Artist – Composer – Performer based in The Hague, Netherlands.
Leonie was recently artist in residence for the Berlin Circus Biennale, Forum Wallis Contemporary Music Festival in Switzerland, New Media Society in Tehran, and for The Story of Space Festival in Panjim, Goa

Maia Koenig (Argentina)
Maia Koenig is an experimental artivist who builds her own instruments and interacts with sounds of all kinds

Marlo Eggplant (Leeds)
Marlo Eggplant is a prominent figure in a thriving and diverse international scene of female experimental music performers. As curator of the pioneering Ladyz in Noyz compilation series, an ongoing project from 2008 to the present, she has helped to foster this scene and continues to promote emerging artists from around the world on her record label Corpus Callosum. With an intuitive command of minimal instrumentation, including processed autoharp and contact microphones, Marlo Eggplant’s sparsely structured notes and layered static textures build into sonically dense drone improvisations.

Narcoleptica (Madrid)
Beatriz Vaca making noise. Experimentation + mixing sound sources (traditional… instruments and VST, programming, phonography and voice) + Live-Looping = a sonic layering experience> sound spaces to inhabit> intense, evocative and emotional atmospheres//where the listener can choose to follow one or another vanishing point.

Oliotronix (Berlin, Estonia)
”I had the pleasure to met Oliotronix this summer in Denmark at the Chipwrecked Festival,
Her set was one of my favorite, a blazing mix of chiptune, circuitbending and DIY culture delivered right on your face as a mega banging rave.
I was blown away when I discovered she was improvising!”

Rayuli + Slvj (Madrid)

Rayuli /ra.ˈʝ thinks herself as a (more than) two-faced being; her A side considers itself as a digital artist enthusiastic of transmedia experimentation, whereas her B side, somehow simpler and, apparently, opposite to the A one, sees itslef as a doctor and radiologist.
Due to her scientific background, she works, explores and reflects about the human body and organs’ potential as artistic material.

Slvj mixes field recordings -noises, natural sounds, voices- to create jungle spaces and dance rituals. Her lyrics come from the influence of abstract rap, spoken word, political manifestos, science fiction or dancehall and reggae mc´s. Her sets and songs are ceremonies sequenced mainly by samplers. Always seeking for broken rhythms and sequences of bass, uk-funk and techno. Combining roots and tribal music with contemporary electronics.

AV live:
AV dj set:

xname (London)
xname is an Italian interdisciplinary artist based in London. She was born in Milan and she has been living many years in Bologna and Amsterdam. Her interests include metaphysics, electronics, software, performance and interactivity. She works with self made instruments and open source software for live performance and real-time installation, expanding from visual and software art to electronic music. Her work, ultimately cryptic, ritualistic and noise, engages in the construction of perceptual phenomena and environments that explore the concepts of illusion and the virtual, stimulating new forms of perception and questioning the notion of materiality and presence, and the role that memory, experience and eventually our ancestors have in the formation of identity


Friday 20 September 2019
Specka, 00h
Orense,26 Madrid

Sunday 22 September 2019
Les Nautes, 20h
1,Quai des Célestins, Paris

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Live on Ressonance FM Radio, London

Wednesday 25 September 2019
iKlectik Art Lab, 20,30h
20,Old Paradise Yard, London

Thursday 26 September 2019
The Glove That Fits, 20h
179, Morning Ln, London

Friday 27 September 2019
New River Studios, 19,30h
199,Eade Rd, London

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